SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Blade Flash Drive

Key Features

  • 8GB
  • Compact‎,‎ light design makes it easy to carry round
  • The easiest way to share‎,‎ store and protect your music‎,‎ pictures‎,‎ videos and work
  • So simple to use‎,‎ you can be up and running in seconds
  • Available in sizes up to 128GB1   





Sandisk 8GB Flash Drive is a compact computing accessory which offers an easy way to share, store and protect your music, pictures, videos and work documents. It is portable so you can easily carry it around. It offers high transfer speed so you can move your documents from one computer to another in a matter of seconds. Its offers 8GB storage capacity so you can conveniently backup your important documents and multimedia files. It offers superior protection during transfer so your files do not get affected by virus. Files stored on this flash drive can stay there for a long period of time without getting corrupt.

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