Xbox Live Gold Subscription 3 Months [Email Delivery]

Use an Xbox Live card to activate your Xbox Live membership for 1 month. Get the game going with friends on the most expansive multiplayer community with no delay.





Buy Xbox Live Gold Subscription Cards

This is a Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card or Gift Voucher that was purchased in the US and will be scanned and sent through email delivery.

The Xbox Live Membership Advantage

The Xbox Live membership, also known as Live Gold members, is a digital membership to enable multiplayer gaming, access to two free games per month, media services, app updates, and other exclusive features. The membership elevates the average gamer to the next level. The membership can be purchased with an Xbox Live membership gift card. Gift cards come in increments of 1-month memberships, 3-month memberships, and 12-month memberships. Membership gift cards are available for instant email delivery and digital delivery.

The Perfect Gift For the Xbox Enthusiast

The Xbox Live Gold membership unleashes the next level entertainment experience. The membership enables multiplayer gaming for games with multiplayer modes. Further, the Live Gold membership comes with two free games per month from a handpicked pool of exclusive games. Special member statuses will elevate the playing experience and is a sure hit for any Xbox enthusiast.

Perfect For the Gamer With Various Media Accounts

The Xbox Live Gold membership elevates the gaming experience, but it also improves the overall media experience on the Xbox as well. Some media features of the account are Xbox Chat, Xbox Video, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN, Game DVR, Hulu Plus, Netflix, NFL on Xbox, OneGuide, Party chat, Skype, Twitch.tv, Upload Studio, and Xbox music. Upgrading to the Xbox Gold Membership transforms your Xbox into a player for all of these media types. Please be aware, however, an account may be necessary to utilize the media platform.

A Membership Backed By the Reliability of Microsoft

As one of the most well-known gaming communities, Microsoft offers specialized support and features for Xbox Live Gold members. The Gold community was established in 2002, and it is continually updated. Upon purchasing the gift card, simply activate with code.

How Our Digital Codes Work?

In order to receive a gift card you must send payment and the payment must be approved before the card will be sent to you.

  1. When making an account on our website you agree to all our terms and conditions.
  2. When making a purchase on our website you may need to verify your order.
  3. We do not accept refunds or exchanges on digital orders. *Please be careful when selecting the card you wish to buy. Remember you are buying a US gift card that can be used in US stores. Once a gift card leaves our secure inventory, we can no longer guarantee the validity of the code; therefore after an order has been sent we cannot return or exchange it.

Why Buy Xbox Live Game Cards Through Email Delivery?

Our Xbox cards are ready to use immediately. We digitally deliver legitimate USA gift codes straight to your email inbox. Fast email delivery is the best way to receive a gift card without leaving your house. We can have your codes to you within 5-15 minutes of completing your order.

How do I redeem my Xbox gift card?

Redeeming your Xbox card from your desktop computer:

  • Visit https://live.xbox.com/redeemtoken and login to your account.
  • Click the green Redeem button.
  • Enter your 25-digit Xbox gift card code and click Confirm.
  • Also see our How to Redeem an Xbox Live Card page with photos if you need more detailed steps.

Help! I’m having troubles!

If you are having troubles redeeming your gift card, or need any other support related help please send an email to support@ibeGadget.com

We do everything we can to make sure you have a great shopping experience and receive your gift card quickly.

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