Travel Portable handheld Ironing Steam Brush

Key Features

  • 40 seconds rapid heating, steam.
  • Automatic power off
  • Steam filtration anti-condensation device
  • Removable transparent water tank,






  • High temperature steam near 100 °C evenly penetrates the fabric fiber, which can quickly smooth stubborn wrinkles.
  • Suitable for some clothes that are not suitable for washing or only slightly dirty, no need to wash, use high temperature steam sterilization to deodorize wrinkles
  • Adjustable telescopic, can adjust the comfortable use state according to the user’s height.
  • Removable transparent water tank, capacity 1.50 liters, can be ironed for 60 minutes, no need to replenish water.
  • The handle is designed with a large grip. The material is injection molded with high temperature ABS engineering plastic and the surface is anti-slip
  • The pipe is made of double-layer insulated pipe, thickened PVC pipe in the network pipe, jacket with space insulation EVA pipe, safe and reliable.
  • The bottom universal wheel device is flexible and light to move.
  • using high-strength heating wire that does not damage after 3,000 hours of dry burning, the whole machine reaches 400 hours of uninterrupted life test and 400 hours of uninterrupted dry burning damage test.
  • Automatic water supply anti- leak valve  4, anti-skid drop nozzle hook design packaging list
    host; telescopic aluminum rod; movable water tank; collection bag; Cloth

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